Groton Ambulance Association

Our team has been hard at work serving the people of Groton, Connecticut since 1954!

Groton Ambulance currently responds to over 5,000 emergency calls per year, working alongside dispatchers, firefighters, police, and our mutual EMS partners.

Our staff provides 24/7 response to 911 emergency medical calls.

911 Emergency Service

We work and train to serve the residents and vistors of Groton, Connecticut. By remaining well organized and committed to quality patient care, we know we can reach our community's needs as well as plan ahead for the future.

Every member of Groton Ambulance Association is a highly valued part of this team. We focus on the well-being of our members as we continue to handle the many emergency medical needs of the people of Groton. Our staff wants to provide the best patient care possible.

COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone, and Groton Ambulance staff continue to respond to emergencies to provide care in a safe and caring manner.

Groton Ambulance Staff
EMS Symbol

Our Goal

All of our members take pride in striving towards the same goal. That is, providing efficient, high quality emergency medical care. We aim to provide a safe means of transportation for anybody in need of a hospital treatment. Our goal is to assure the well-being of any resident or visitor of Groton. We commit to being a resource for education on issues pertaining to emergency care, so everyone can make more confident decisions during a critical situation.