Emergency Medical Services

About GAA

Groton Ambulance Association (GAA) was established in 1954 in Groton, Connecticut. It is a nonprofit that has been providing emergency treatment and transportation to the residents and visitors of Groton, CT for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Groton Ambulance is dispatched exclusively via Groton Fire Alarm from 911 calls. In addition, we provide community outreach and public safety programs. Our staff is comprised of paid and volunteer emergency medical technicians.

About Groton, CT

Groton is located in southeastern CT with a residential population of over 40,000. GAA responds to over 5,000 calls per year as we service a large area and have mutual aid agreements with neighboring towns. GAA will staff a minimum of two ambulances for responding to 911 calls. We work with neighboring businesses and industries to maintain 911 response 24/7.

A challenging year in 2021!

After a record setting year in 2019 when GAA responded to 5,658 incidents,
2020 ended with over 5,160 calls. This was surpassed in 2021 with 6,115 calls!

Typically about 50% are "hot" calls requiring a rapid response.

We transported over 4,700 patients in 2021!