Free Car Seat Check


What is a Car Seat Check?

Groton Ambulance offers free Car Seat Checks to members of the public at events and through individual appointments.

Our trained Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) follow the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rules to ensure car seats and boosters are correctly installed.

Groton Ambulance CPSTs Groton Ambulance Car Seat Event

Groton Ambulance staff have been providing free car seat checks since 2019. Unfortunately, it is very common for car seats and boosters to be incorrect for the child. Depending on the child's age and size, they will need a different type of seat.

Groton Ambulance's Child Passenger Safety Technicians can give you an easy assessment to make sure the seat you have is right for your child. This includes not just parents, but relatives and other caregivers who may transport your child.

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Community Events

Groton Ambulance car seat checks happen throughout the year. Prior events have occurred at the Groton Library and at other sites throughout Groton. Event times and locations will be posted on the Groton Ambulance Facebook.